About Us

Koyana Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd., Karad.was a far sighted dream of Shree Raghunathrao Daulatrao Patil which turned in to reality in the year 1957 first Co-operative dairy in Maharashtra. It was specifically designed to have 100% involvement of the farmers, generate best remuneration  for their milk supply, boost milk production and give the region the most wanted economic development.
Till 1985 it turtled  at a slow pace, but gathered dynamic momentum  there after. When in 1993 open market system came into effect there by starting operations in the cities like Mumbai, Pune and thus improving the economic status of the union and in turn returning the same to the farmers, primary milk producers and members. The milk union today has a turn over of over 106 crore 30 lakhs rupees.
The state of the art new hi-tech dairy plant was constructed in 2007 with the design and the financial assistance National Dairy Development Board, Anand. Today the plant has a milk processing capacity  1 LLPD (Lakh Liters Per Day) with modern processing and production machinery assisted by skilled manpower.

Self Regulation

Koyana Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd., Karad. registered on 01/10/1957 under the Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act. 1960. It is a taluka milk union operating in Karad Patan taluka of Satara district covering 304 villages. Since then the AGM is a final regulatory body fully responsible to change in their Bye laws. The BODs are monitoring society day to day work as well as chairman / Managing Director.

Membership stake and active and regular involvement in functioning.

The registered Primary Co-op. societies supply regular milk to dudh sangh has been enrolled membership in the region of its area of operation. Member society is a main unit who place an important role in dudh sangh’s activities and development. These members are also involved in dudh snagh’s Board Of Directors representatives. They carries definite plan for economical development and amount primary milk co-operative societies as well as milk producers. They involved in dudh sangh’s AGM as a active participation as a representative a primary milk co-operative societies and put up the problems as raises the positive questions. The dudh sangh’s management help to sort out their problems and queries. The dudh sangh collects 5 paise per liter as development fund and distribute the dividend.

Critical analysis of the determinants of success

Koyana Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd., Karad.is ensure to meet their commitment to the customers for it success by Procure excellent quality of milk. Processing by using advanced technology An importance of documented ISO 9001: 2008 To pay best prices and excellent input services to their milk producers.

Linkages with members and other tiers

The primary milk co-operative society is an important unit of dudh sangh who supply regular milk to the dudh sangh. Due to it the primary milk co-operative society being in regular touch with dudh sangh’s board of director, officers, milk collection- extension servants. They also suggest to increase societies milk collection, raise business activities for which they often visit dudh sangh. For daily on going activities the societies body and employees visit to the dudh sangh frequently. Dudh sangh also invite the primary societies for the business point of view, programms and AGM, training activities and invite the societies members, employees/ staff. To understand problems of member, primary societies the dudh sangh’s honourable board of directors may often visit to the primary milk co-operative societies in the villages.

    Special services:

  • Milk Producers

    Koyana is associated with almost 2,85,000 milch animal owning households in and around Karad district. Milk is collected from 1433 villages.

  • Animal Health

    The Koyana Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd., Karad renders extension services, viz., breeding, feeding, management & also health care of the cows & buffaloes.

  • Farmers orientation programmes

    Farmers orientation programmes Farmers’ orientation programmes are regularly carried out on demand of DCS at village level where farmers are groomed in respect of overall management of dairy animals.

  • Calf Rearing program

    This program has been introduced for the farmers to realize themselves the importance of calf rearing which was practically negligible.

  • Productivity enhancement program

    Also supply of good mineral mixture, quality feed has been made available. Arranging programs like de-worming, heat- synchronization are held regularly.